I’m Chris Steele, and I’m running for Newton Charter Commission this November.  My family and I love this City and have taken great joy in making sure that we keep Newton a great Slug: Corenet Global Headshot Date: 10 - 2014 Photographer: Mark Finkenstaedt Location: The Gaylord National Harbor Washington, DC Caption:place to live, to grow up, to work, and to make a difference. This year, we in Newton have a once in decades chance to take a look at how of City’s government works, and make adjustments to meet today’s needs.

Over the past seven years, dedicated individuals (both independently and later with the Newton League of Women Voters) collected signatures from over 15% of the City’s registered voters on a petition to elect and task a Commission to review the City’s charter.  It has been 45 years since we last looked at the charter this way.

I come to the Commission as an open-minded individual who nonetheless has a great deal of relevant experience both within and outside the City.

I have served Newton on the Economic Development Commission, the Urban Tree Commission and the Newton South High School Council, in addition to a variety of other neighborhood and city volunteer functions. I have keen insight into our city, the forces and debates shaping our future, and I know people need to be heard.

I also have many years of professional experience on getting long-term complex projects done.  My years as a professional consultant have taught me process and project management.  Likewise, my experience with client communities across the country have taught me how to get people together to develop good public policy.  I want to bring what I have learned back to my home town and to help Newton shape a government that will work for all of us for the future.

I’d appreciate your support, and I ask for your vote on November 3!

Contact me directly at steelch@yahoo.com or 617-314-6527


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